A reminder to focus on the good things in life.

by dangerbrown on September 7, 2012

So, first of all, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I make no apologies. I’ve been loving and living life. This blog has never been my source of income. For the curious, you should know that I’m still making a living working from home as an internet marketer focused on lead generation for lending companies.

I’ve taken advantage of being able to work from anywhere, and have spent lots of time with my family on the road in our little old RV. But enough of that….

I recently went to Burning Man 2012 in Black Rock City, NV and am friends with several other people who went. One of these people was there and when we visited her at her camp she proceeded to complain about something every time we saw her. Just now on Facebook she complained about having had 3 flat tires within 2 weeks. She punctuated this complaint with “FML”.

I didn’t know what FML stood for. I rightly guessed that it means Fuck My Life. I’m not offended by the language, but the attitude is untenable. I would never use such an anti-affirmation. I habitually remove from my news feed people spouting such attitudes. I prefer for my life to be permeated by positivity.

John Halcyon Styn - Crap or ConeThis made me think of John Halcyon Styn who I met at Burning Man. He does a thing called Hug Nation that my wife wanted to attend, and I enjoyed. He’s a little freaky by muggle standards but brings a wonderful message of love and joy. One of his favorite stories to share is “Crap or Cone”. He states that  “At all times we each have 1 foot in dog shit and in our hand we’re holding an ice cream cone. Some people will put down the ice cream cone so they can smell their foot. Maybe we should ignore the dog shit and enjoy the ice cream.”

He’s got a point. Every day, there are both good and bad things we can choose to focus on. Life is beautiful, bountiful, and magnificent. Ignore the dog shit.

Learn to spell or die broke.

by dangerbrown on July 16, 2011

Spelling errors might be costing you half of your sales.

I’ve been a closet spelling/grammar/punctuation nazi for years. When I read a blog post or sales page with what I consider significant errors, my mind is completely sidetracked. I stop thinking about your message, and start thinking about what needs to be fixed. If you have grave errors on your page, I think you are stupid and sloppy and won’t consider buying anything from you.

I know lots of affiliates with poor skills are successful, but you’d be more successful if you eliminated these mistakes.

I’m not the only one. This article from the BBC inspired me to finally say what I think. The article alleges that in one case, they saw sales double after correcting an error on a sales page. Of course, one split test is inadequate, but I’m confident that there is truth to it.

What are you going to do about it? If you want to improve yourself and your sales, follow my affiliate link here and educate yourself.

Amazon book: Grammatically Correct: The Essential Guide to Spelling, Style, Usage, Grammar, and Punctuation

P.S. I don’t claim to be perfect. I overuse commas and I know I sometimes make other writing mistakes.

Amazon drops all CA affiliates… What to do if you are affected.

June 30, 2011

It was inevitable that CA would pass this tax meant to increase tax revenue. As misguided as it is, you can’t expect a bunch of doddery old politicians to understand the economics of the internet. Screw California for taxing even more money from it’s people! Screw Amazon for dropping 1000’s of affiliates while still accepting […]

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Earnings update March 2011, $6.1K net profit

April 5, 2011

March was a little better than the month before: Total Spent:  $8,555.97 Gross Profit: $14,638.15 Net Profit:       $6,082.18 ROI:                        71% So it’s not the bigtime, but I’m happy to have done better than the month before. On top of that, I basically took the month off.  I did do a […]

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Earnings update February 2011, $3.7K net profit

March 7, 2011

February has been the worst month yet for me in a long time. First some numbers: Total Spent:  $6,580.07 Gross Profit: $10,242.92 Net Profit:       $3,662.85 ROI:                        55.7% I really hate posting numbers like this. It’s embarrassing. But I made a commitment to share my results on this blog. The 3 […]

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3 reasons my income is in the shitter, and what I’m doing about it.

February 16, 2011

My income is in the shitter. I’ll probably only net about $4K or so this month. There are 3 reasons: 1. Normal cycles. I’ve been pushing financial related offers like payday loans. They always perform badly this time of year so I expected this to happen. 2. I’ve stuck with doing paid search and have […]

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Earnings update January 2011, $6.2K net profit

February 3, 2011

January has been crap for me. It’s the worst month I’ve had since about 8 or 9 months ago. Here are the totals for my January 2011 Affiliate marketing efforts. Total Spent:  $6662.13 Gross Profit: $12,837.00 Net Profit:       $6,174.87 ROI:                        92.6% Though I can make the excuse that my niche […]

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Videos from parties at Affiliate Summit West 2011

January 17, 2011

The first four clips are from the Affiliate Ball and the last video is from Shareasale’s party. I rolled with some friends to a few other locations but didn’t think to take pictures most of the time. But of course, during the Affiliate Ball, there were something like 15 parties all at the same time. I […]

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Video: Shoemoney interviewed about Link Control

January 15, 2011

An impromptu interview with Shoemoney at the airport in Las Vegas. It’s a nice overview of the newly launched Link Control. Initially, I messed up and uploaded the unfinished file with crappy audio. This version of the video is much improved.

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Earnings update Totals for 2010, $115K net profit

January 7, 2011

OK folks. Here’s the big 2010 earnings update you’ve been waiting on the edge of your seat for. I spent about $114K and turned it into $229K. This is the most money I’ve ever made in 1 year and the first time I’ve had a 6 figure income. I’m pretty pleased with it, but not […]

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