The pro-gay post even gay people will hate!

by dangerbrown on September 5, 2015

I expect nearly everyone to disagree with most of this post. You probably have participated in discussions about legalizing gay marriage. Did you ever consider that the debate itself is offensive.

I’m writing this while a Kentucky clerk is in jail for contempt for failing to issue marriage licenses to gay people. I read an article on the topic and found it shocking when they mentioned the $35.50 fee for obtaining a marriage license. I was shocked that anyone would want to pay a government to be involved in their union. It is my strongly held conviction that marriage should be between the involved people and optionally their god(s) only. Why in the world should Kentucky or the US Government be an additional party in the union? I don’t want to marry my wife AND Colorado. I just want to marry my wife.

Did you know that state governments can change your marriage contract without your consent? Get married in California, but then move to Texas and get divorced, it is Texas laws which will apply to the divorce. Even if you don’t move, divorce laws might change in your state. Personally, I am not comfortable with the idea that outside parties can change the legal ramifications of a contract that I might sign. When a contract is agreed to, it should be iron clad, not malleable without consent. Marriage should be the most secure contract there is.

By participating in a discussion about which marriages should be legal, you implicitly accept that the government should be involved and that some marriages should not be legal.  Even if you are pro-gay-marriage, you are probably against polygamy or incestual marriages.

It is my position that ALL marriage contracts should be legal. As long as both or all parties can be reasonably assumed to have the mental capacity to sign a contract and are NOT under duress. When I say ALL, I mean ALL. The most important parts of a marriage contract are that people agree to be committed to serve each other and work together in united lifetime goals.

Anyone should be able to marry ANYONE.

When I say that, I don’t mean that they should be having sex. I think incest is disgusting, but I don’t think we need laws protecting adults from non-harmful consenting situations. It is my assumption that incestual marriages would be without sex.

Imagine that two underprivileged identical twin brothers decide to marry each other at age 18, one could work to support the other through law or medical school. Both would be better off because they worked together. The uneducated sibling would be protected by divorce law entitling them to a settlement and possible alimony. If they want, they could (while still married to each other) marry one or more women and work as co-fathers to any children produced. The educated brother could provide well financially freeing up the other brother to be a stay at home dad giving the kids the best of both worlds.

Notice that I wasn’t talking about sex. Marriage and sex don’t have to be related and the sex part is none of the government’s business. No victim=no crime. Morality should not and to a huge degree cannot be legislated.

To be crystal clear, I don’t support physical incest. I also believe that young people are not emotionally mature enough to give consent for sex or marriage. I believe laws protecting young or vulnerable people are unfortunately necessary. Current laws do not allow young people to sign contracts or give sexual consent and while there is a natural grey area as people mature into adulthood, I think current laws do a reasonably good job of protecting the innocent. I support laws protecting people who need protection.

I am a statistically very normal hetero man married to one woman. But I think legally we should be allowed to take extra spouses if we wanted them. Bigamy is wrong, but polyandry, or polygyny should be legal as long as all parties are consenting. Polygamy has a bad wrap because it usually involves fundamentalist religious people forcing underage girls into arranged marriages. The religion and it’s views should be tolerated. But the girls should be old enough, and should have the freedom to marry whom they choose within or without the church. Polygamy is common in many foundational religious texts so it seems strange to attempt moral arguments against it.

In the shortest description I can think of, I believe in maximum freedom for the maximum number of people possible.

American freedom and liberty to pursue happiness are at the core of our nation’s ideals. Freedom is what our friends and relatives have fought and died for. Limiting anyone’s freedom is treasonous.

If you feel strongly about your moral position, you will retain your beliefs. But you are not your God. You are not sin free. Therefore, you are not qualified to cast judgement upon others. You are not qualified to determine moral laws. Just live and let live, and rest easy knowing your God is all knowing and all powerful enough to handle the situation. You can’t possibly think your god is so weak that he needs your help, so just trust in god and let it go.


A reminder to focus on the good things in life.

by dangerbrown on September 7, 2012

So, first of all, it’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I make no apologies. I’ve been loving and living life. This blog has never been my source of income. For the curious, you should know that I’m still making a living working from home as an internet marketer focused on lead generation for lending companies.

I’ve taken advantage of being able to work from anywhere, and have spent lots of time with my family on the road in our little old RV. But enough of that….

I recently went to Burning Man 2012 in Black Rock City, NV and am friends with several other people who went. One of these people was there and when we visited her at her camp she proceeded to complain about something every time we saw her. Just now on Facebook she complained about having had 3 flat tires within 2 weeks. She punctuated this complaint with “FML”.

I didn’t know what FML stood for. I rightly guessed that it means Fuck My Life. I’m not offended by the language, but the attitude is untenable. I would never use such an anti-affirmation. I habitually remove from my news feed people spouting such attitudes. I prefer for my life to be permeated by positivity.

John Halcyon Styn - Crap or ConeThis made me think of John Halcyon Styn who I met at Burning Man. He does a thing called Hug Nation that my wife wanted to attend, and I enjoyed. He’s a little freaky by muggle standards but brings a wonderful message of love and joy. One of his favorite stories to share is “Crap or Cone”. He states that  “At all times we each have 1 foot in dog shit and in our hand we’re holding an ice cream cone. Some people will put down the ice cream cone so they can smell their foot. Maybe we should ignore the dog shit and enjoy the ice cream.”

He’s got a point. Every day, there are both good and bad things we can choose to focus on. Life is beautiful, bountiful, and magnificent. Ignore the dog shit.

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Video: Shoemoney interviewed about Link Control

January 15, 2011

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